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We’re so grateful to be in a position to help those in need.

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Jodi Caprio

I was raised in Pembroke Pines, Florida where my husband and I lived on the same block as childhood friends. We went to the same high school and our parents even went to The Italian American Club together. We both grew up blue-collar and were fortunate enough to have the basic things in life.

After some time in college, we both went our separate ways and each had two children. Many years later we both had divorced and reconnected via Facebook in 2014. We picked up our friendship where we left off, like a day hadn’t passed.

Our friendship turned into admiration and then love. We are now married and living in Florida. I prayed for this man and God surely answered!

Chris and I started attending a Church and found a real home there. I starting attending when I was feeling at my lowest. I sat down one Sunday, it was Mother’s Day. I asked my kids to please come with me. After the music started, I immediately got the chills. I knew that God was speaking and blessing me at that moment. Then the song “Do It Again” was sung and I weeped. Not only did God touch my heart but melted away all of the brokenness and shame I had inside. We have been so blessed in our lives and we both feel called to now help others.

My life has not been easy. There was a time I was at rock bottom. I went through extremely challenging times and often wondered how I would make ends meet. Imagine the fear of not being able to take care of your kids, walking out of work and your car wasn’t there because it was repo’ed. Imagine your house being foreclosed, the anxiety of having to apply for food stamps. Imagine having to take your kids out of their activities because you couldn’t afford it anymore. Well that was me. And I know that what I’ve been through is minor compared to others. It wasn’t easy but I never gave up! Faith was always the backbone of my survival. Believing God would “make a way when there was no way”.

There were several key people who helped and mentored me along my path, and I will forever be grateful and always strive to be a guiding light through God for others. All of these hurdles and stepping stones in our lives have led us to this moment to help others with this charity.

But together we can help others keep their home, buy medicine, feed their family and reach a new level of normalcy again. We can all touch someone’s life and to help make a difference. We all have unique special gifts that God blesses us with to help those around us. Through financial hard times, unforeseen crises, health issues, hunger and even just basic needs. Also by putting those in need in touch with mentors to learn so they can perhaps one day pay it back and help others.

Fast forward to today, my husband Chris and I along with a special friend of ours Greg King, want to make a great impact helping others. We’re doing everything we can to make ItIsFinished.Faith be an anchored boat in the stormy sea of life. We are determined to make a difference!

Life is so much more than living just for ourselves and our family. Helping those around us in need is the most gratifying and fulfilling gift to us. We are so blessed to be in a position to have this charity and opportunity. We know that we are being called by God to do so.

God Bless,


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Chris Caprio

I grew up in South Florida where I was the youngest of 8. With my mother and father we were 10 in a home that was less than 1200 square feet. I learned at a very early age that if I wanted something I had to work for it. I started by pulling weeds from gardens when I was in elementary school then added a paper route when I got to middle school. I am a proud father of two amazing kids and two step kids. It was my Children that helped me realize my PURPOSE in life… “To significantly improve the lives of as many people as I can during my lifetime by using my businesses for social good.”

Immediately after my 50th birthday I married one of my best friends from the neighborhood Jodi. She and I were brought back together by God when we were both ending our marriages/relationship. Both of us were facing dark times with this massive change in our lives and both of us worked very hard on ourselves and our relationship with God. I have no doubt that it was God that brought us together and we have been blessed ever since. It was during this time I learned everything I thought I wanted did not make me happy. It wasn’t until I walked a way from the money, jets, and leading a $500m company that I was able to better center my life and truly have a relationship with God

I worked very hard throughout my career and moved several times across the US before moving back to Florida. My last position was as President of Ashley HomeStores in Jacksonville Florida where I was able to live a dream of being an owner in a company that would help me live my purpose.

With everything going crazy around us, in a world of people pointing fingers and hating one another we are trying to determine how we can best serve God. I created ItIsFinished.Faith with the help of my wife and Greg King. Greg started a local charity years ago and I liked what he was trying to do. One day I decided I would create a 501c3 charity that would use every penny collected to assist people in need and that is what we are doing today. We are going to work harder to ensure that we can offer assistance to anyone that needs our help.

God Bless!


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Greg King

I have been married to my beautiful wife, Allyson, for 35 years. We have 3 amazing adult children who are all married and 4 grandsons that we adore! We are only missing that granddaughter. 🙂

The Lord has blessed us with an amazing life and I have had a career that I certainly don’t deserve in the home furnishings industry. I am the Regional Director for the Ashley stores in Jacksonville, Fl. and Brunswick, Ga. That is how Caprio and I met some 10 years ago.

I have a heart for helping others, specifically children because I grew up in poverty. I was raised by a single mom who did the best she could. We survived on food stamps and government aid most of my childhood. We didn’t have a car for about 5 years and it was challenging being a teenage boy involved in sports and school activities and not having proper transportation. I had to rely on friends and their parents most of the time to get me to and from games. A large percentage of our Holiday meals were provided by a stranger or someone from our church, otherwise we wouldn’t have had a holiday meal.

My childhood has given me a great sense of gratitude for everything I have but most importantly my salvation through Jesus Christ. His grace and mercy allow me to not live a perfect life or avoid struggles but give me hope that we can get through it with his help and love. I live by the Golden Rule, “to treat others how I want to be treated”, Matthew 7:12.

I was blessed to be asked by Chris and Jodi to help serve on the ItIsFinished.Faith board so that I could help others who may have had financial struggles like I did as a child. Most importantly to let those we help know it’s because of God’s love that I want to help. He commands us to love our neighbor as thyself, that is what we are trying to do at ItIsFinished.Faith.

Thanks for visiting our site and I pray that you can either financially support our cause or simply pray for us to reach as many souls for Christ as possible.

God Bless,